CVLS Certification class on Saturday!

Discounted rate deadline: 12/12/23

#NAMBFocus2024 Agenda

9 – 9:50am:
Pavan Agarwal, CEO, Sunwest Mortgage, Inc.

Description to come.

10 – 10:50am:
Carl White, CEO, Mortgage Marketing Animals 

The Proven “Big Three” That You Must Do To Thrive In Today’s Market 

In this content-packed 60 minutes, Carl White (branch manager of one of the largest branches in the nation) will reveal to you what you can learn & MUST do to succeed going forward. 

Together you will look inside case studies of top producers, dissect their proven models & the pivots that they have made and you now can copy. 

In addition, we’ll cover: 

  • How to get a massive amount of referral partners & consumers to know you & to know what services you provide 
  • How to be relatable so that referral partners want to refer their buyers to you & so that your past database want to refer their friends, family & co-workers to you 
  • How to give your borrowers a clear plan so that they don’t shop you 
  • How to get the commitment from your “pre-approved & looking” prospects

11 – 11:50am:
Jason Jeffries, Senior Manager, Freddie Mac

More Than Just a % 

Jason Jeffries leads a session uncovering why many existing homeowners overlooked the last refinance cycle. 

Learn how to identify & provide valuable insight to support this population, to support your long-term strategies & overall business performance.   

1:30 – 2:20pm:
Neel Dhingra, CEO, Forward Academy

Using Ai + Video Content to Increase Production in 2024 

Learn the 5-step process for creating content that actually gets results. This is not just another 'social media' or 'video' talk.

Neel Dhingra teaches you how to start creating engaging video content & turn it into actual business. He's a content marketing expert who exploded his mortgage business by creating content that gets results on social media. He's helped more than 1,000 RE & mortgage professionals learn how to do the same. And he hosts the annual Forward Event in Las Vegas, where agents from all over the country learn the latest trends in marketing.  

This is the exact blueprint Neel & many of his students have used. In today's market, we need to stand out to reach more consumers & referral partners. This is the strategy to do it. 

2:30 – 3:20pm:
Alex Machuca, Founder of Lead Hackers

Discover How to Get Leads at Wholesale Cost

3:30 – 4:20pm:
Irene Duford, Founder/Owner, Loan Team Trainer & Success Coach, Loan Team Training

Unlock the Success Code: Mastering your Mindset in 2024

Are you ready to supercharge your success in 2024? This transformative presentation will empower you to unlock your true potential & achieve your dreams. 

Discover the incredible influence of self-talk on your mindset & your ability to conquer challenges. This motivational speech will equip you with the tools & techniques you need to cultivate a winning mindset that paves the way for your success. 

  • Learn the art of positive self-talk 
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs by silencing your inner critic & replacing doubts with confidence. 
  • Master the skill of setting & reaching your objectives with clarity & determination. 
  • Embrace the power of resilience & persistence in the face of setbacks. 
  • Realize your potential with the daily habits to maintain a thriving growth mindset. 
  • Explore the impact of visualization & affirmations on your daily routines. 
  • Cultivate a support network: Learn the importance of building relationships.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to success. Embark on a journey to master your mindset, overcome challenges, and achieve greatness in 2024 and beyond. 

4:30 – 5:20pm:
Lender Panel

6 – 7pm:
NAMBPAC Happy Hour & Cornhole Tournament

7 – 9pm:
Party With the NAMB House Band

9 – 10:20am:
Barry Habib, CEO,

Friday Keynote Speaker, sponsored by Motto Mortgage

Barry Habib is an American entrepreneur & frequent media resource for his mortgage & housing expertise. He's an Amazon #1 bestselling author for his book, “Money in the Streets.”  

Barry is widely credited with saving the mortgage industry in 2020 from margin calls due to fed actions. His presentation to the Fed created stability at a critical time. During his mortgage sales career, Barry personally originated over $2 billion. 

During this session, Barry will talk about success in today’s market:  

  • How to make more money now
  • Gaining market share 
  • Buy now versus waiting 
  • Turn realtor challenges into opportunities 
  • Solve clients’ reluctance to give up low rate and move up 
  • Overcome buyers’ hesitancy to pay over ask 
  • Overcome clients’ fear of housing bubble 
  • Direction of real estate values and interest rates

10:30 – 11:50am:
Nora Guerra, Affordable Lending Senior Manager, Freddie Mac

Solutions for Tomorrow: Tackling the Inventory Challenge and the Future of Housing

Nora overviews & offers practical solutions to one of the most pressing issues facing the housing industry today: lack of inventory. Dive into the world of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), the opportunities in manufactured housing & the potential in the renovation of existing housing stock.

In this thought-provoking session, Nora aims to equip you with a toolbox of resources for success in this evolving market. Explore effective strategies for community resilience, sustainable growth & the role of mortgage brokers in championing these changes. This session is crafted for those desiring to expand their businesses while contributing to the innovation of our housing landscape.

12pm – 1:20pm:
Lunch with Sponsors

1:30 – 2:20pm:
Chris Vinson, CEO, Windsor Mortgage

Are We There Yet?

Chris Vinson is the mastermind behind the Mortgage Division at Plains Commerce Bank/Windsor Mortgage. From humble beginnings in 2001 to coaching mortgage professionals across the country, Chris has an undeniable passion to help others succeed. With two decades of experience, Chris has developed a team that produces over 5.6 billion in originations a year, focusing on customer experience & state-of-the-art technology.

Having a vision, drive & passion for growing the mortgage industry, Chris, along with his mortgage team, has surpassed 25% regional market share and been voted the Sioux Falls Local Best Mortgage Company for 10 years running. 

2:30 – 3:20pm:
Chris Johnstone, Owner, Connection, Inc.

Harnessing AI: A New Era for the Mortgage Industry

Chris explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the mortgage industry during this actionable & educational session. Learn how AI is reshaping the world & how you can leverage these changes to grow your mortgage business. 

Consider this: In order to reach 1 million active monthly users, it took the internet 72 months, online banking 66 months, Facebook 10 months – and Chat GPT just 3 days. 

Get a captivating look at the history of AI, highlighting some of the most engaging milestones along its journey from beating chess grandmasters to running self-driving cars, creating music and art, advancing healthcare & even fully funding a mortgage! 

We'll then shift gears to practical applications, showcasing the top AI tools for your business & providing real-world examples of how to integrate AI into daily operations, including email, team management, marketing, social media, video & CRM automation. 

Lastly, we'll share our unique approach to using AI that is generating exceptionally high-quality inbound leads. We'll reveal how we combine database marketing & AI-powered communication to garner reviews from past clients on Google, boost map placement rankings & teach our loan officer clients how to convert every application they receive from Google into referrals from their network of referral partners. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how AI can revolutionize your mortgage business. 

3:30 – 4:20pm:
wemlo Breakout Session

4:30 – 5:30pm:
Happy Hour With Our Sponsors

9am – 5pm:
Certified Veterans Lending Specialist (CVLS) Class

s your focus on VA loans? Would you like to separate yourself from the competition?  Don't miss this opportunity to become approved for NAMB's newest certification, the Certified Veterans Lending Specialist (CVLS).   

VA loans are an amazing benefit that veterans have earned, and it's our responsibility as loan originators to help them take advantage of it.  But to maximize that benefit, a veteran needs their loan officer to know all the nuances. 

Lender guidelines often cover the top level information and you can do a VA deal from them. However, those guidelines miss the "how" for many of the subtle details of VA loans, and often include limitations that can be worked around if you know how.  With this extra information, you'll be able to get deals done that nobody else can, help more veterans in the process, and stand out to referral partners. 

In case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you're in a military town, in a non-military town, it's likely you'll be the only VA expert, which will make you stand out even more. 

The certification training will cover all the basics and will also dig into super advanced topics like: 

  • proving eligibility for everyone including reservists and surviving spouses 
  • tips for getting DU & LP approvals, and why manual underwriting isn't something to be feared 
  • the truth about VA appraisals and especially "Tidewater" 
  • ways to find double the number of VA approved condos 
  • new rules around refinances and being ready for when that market returns 
  • weird stuff like assumptions, EEM, Rehab, non-owner occupant co-borrowers, etc. 

In addition, we'll emphasize the detailed knowledge & stories that you can use to show your value to real estate agents and help grow your business with VA as your niche. 

Immediately following the class, a test will be given and, upon passing, you will be presented with your certification and all the marketing materials that you need to promote yourself!

*Subject to change.


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