Certified FHA Mortgage Specialist

NAMB proudly debuts a brand new certification at National: the Certified FHA Mortgage Specialist (CFMP)! Sponsored by Freedom Mortgage.

FHA loans have been helping people become homeowners since 1934. Having the ability to provide your borrower with the option of an FHA loan is a vital tool in your arsenal of lending options.

Education offered as part of this session is similar to training offered to FHA DE underwriters. Topics covered include:

  • Origination/Processing
  • Borrower Eligibility
  • Occupancy Types
  • Loan Limits
  • Underwriting using the TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard
  • Credit Review Requirements
  • Evaluating Liabilities/Debt/Income Asset Requirements
  • Acceptable Appraisal Reporting
  • Programs and Products

Immediately following the class, a test will be given, and upon passing, you will be presented with your CFMP certification and all the marketing materials you need to promote yourself!