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How a Mortgage Broker Can Save You Time & Money, Newsweek, May 13, 2024

15-year Refinance Rates: Pros, Cons and Current Lenders Offers, CNN, April 30, 2024

Fairway Shuts Down Wholesale Division, Nat’l Mortgage Professional, Feb 3, 2024

Mortgage Rate Projections: What We Expect From Today’s Fed Meeting, CNET, Jan 31, 2024

Study Predicts Strong Growth in Existing Home Sales in 2024, The Epoch Times, Jan 31, 2024

NAMB Continues the Fight Against Trigger Leads, MPA Magazine, Jan 29, 2024

Current 15-Year Refinance Rates – and Lenders That Offer Them, CNN, Jan 19, 2024

Cash-Out Refinance vs. Home Equity Loans: How to Choose, CNN, Jan 16, 2024


Bipartisan Bill on Trigger Leads Wins Industry Support, Nat’l Mortgage News, Dec 15, 2023

Notable Mortgage Industry Promotions, Scotsman Guide, Nov 30, 2023

How to Interpret Mortgage Rates You See in Headlines, Scotsman Guide, Nov 3, 2023

The Benefits of NAMB Membership, Mortgage Shots, Oct 31, 2023

Unintended Consequences Abound with Real Estate Commission Change, Nat’l Mortgage News, Oct 12, 2023

NAMB President Elect on the Challenges Facing Mortgage Brokers, Housing Wire, Sept 19, 2023

NAMB National Featured Reverse Mortgage Programming, New Reverse Designation, Housing Wire, Sept 11, 2023

The National Association of Mortgage Brokers Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Nat’l Mortgage Professional, August 23, 2023

NAMB Supports New Proposed Regulations for AVMs, Housing Wire, July 14, 2023

IMBF Initiative Gives Mortgage Industry an International Voice, MPA Magazine, June 28, 2023

Brokers From Across Globe to Gather in US, MPA Magazine, June 27, 2023

What Is a Jumbo Mortgage, and How Do You Get the Best Rates?, Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2023

NAMB Publicly Supports Proposal to Reinstate Prior LLPA Structure, Housing Wire, June 8, 2023

Brokers Support Bill That Would Roll Back Loan Pricing Changes, Nat’l Mortgage News, June 7, 2023

NAMB, Freedom Partner for FHA Courses for Brokers, Inside Mortgage Finance, May 19, 2023

How Brokers Are Navigating Changes in the Wholesale Mortgage Space, Nat’l Mortgage News, May 16, 2023

Trigger Lead Legislation Renews Debate Over Consumer Choice, Nat’l Mortgage Professional, April 20, 2023

NAMB Welcomes Legislative Proposal to Ban Use of Trigger Leads, Housing Wire, April 19, 2023

Trade Groups Cheer Bill That Could Upend Trigger Leads, Nat’l Mortgage News, April 19, 2023

Legislation Aimed at Banning Mortgage Trigger Leads Is Back, Inman, April 19, 2023

NAMB Partners with Liberty on Reverse Certification Program, Reverse Mortgage Daily, March 28, 2023

What First Time Borrowers Need to Know, Her Money, January 30, 2023

Mortgage Brokers Push for Level Playing Field, Crains Detroit, January 24, 2023

NAMB Opposes CDFI Modifications, Street Insider, January 19, 2023

Kicking the Can Down the Road, Hidden Dominion, January 18, 2023

Mortgage Buydowns, The Epoch Times, January 9, 2023


FHA Revises Rules on Dual Employment, NerdWallet, December 22, 2022

Buying Commercial Property, NerdWallet, December 1, 2022

NAMB Road Show, Housing Wire, November 29, 2022

NAMB Asks FHFA to Reconsider Cash Out Refi Hikes, Nat’l Mortgage News, November 28, 2022

NAMB Focuses on Trigger Leads, Housing Wire, November 02, 2022

NAMB Sets Agenda, Benzinga, November 1, 2022

What Is a Mortgage, Fortune, October 27, 2022

Press Releases


June 11, 2024: NAMB & NAMMBA Forge Critical Strategic Alliance to Advance Diversity & Inclusion Within the Mortgage Industry

May 8, 2024: Register Early for NAMB National 2024

March 26, 2024: NAMB Hosts 33rd Annual Legislative & Regulatory Conference

January 8. 2024: NAMB Sets Detailed Agenda for 2024


December 14, 2023: NAMB Applauds Congressional Lawmakers for the Homebuyers Privacy Protection Act (S.3502) to End the Use of Trigger Leads

November 27, 2023: NAMB’s Inaugural Corporate Board of Governors

November 20, 2023: NAMB Encourages the FHA to Modify Its Life-Of-Loan Premium Policy

October 4, 2023: NAMB Supports the Love Lives on Act of 2023

September 14, 2023: NAMB Supports FHFA Decision to Postpone the Implementation of the Planned Transition to A Bi-Merge Model

September 8, 2023: NAMB Welcomes Industry Professionals to NAMB National 2023

January 30, 2023: NAMB Strongly Disagrees with the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Recommendations for Proposed Modifications to CDFI Certification Application Processes

January 19, 2023: NAMB, Rocket Pro TPO and Freddie Mac Announce the first in their series of Road Shows for 2022-2023 in St. Louis, Missouri


November 28, 2022: The National Association of Mortgage Brokers, Rocket Pro TPO and Freddie Mac Announce the first in their series of Roadshows for 2022-2023 in St. Louis, Missouri

November 1, 2022: The National Association of Mortgage Brokers welcomes new executive board of directors and sets agenda for 2023 as the institution celebrates 50 years of operations

October 18, 2022: The National Association of Mortgage Brokers Celebrates Successful NAMB National 2022

September 14, 2022: NAMB Announces Partnership with Floify

September 7, 2022: The National Association of Mortgage Brokers Welcomes Black Knight as Technology Partner

July 27, 2022: The National Association of Mortgage Brokers Welcomes Windsor Mortgage as Community Industry Partner

May 9, 2022: NAMB Applauds Congressional Lawmakers for Advancing H.R.7661 the Trigger Leads Abatement Act of 2022, Ending Dangerous Trigger Leads

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