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More than 25 percent of NAMB members are certified, with CRMS and CVLS being the most popular designations!

NAMB Certifications


The Certified Veterans Lending Specialist (CVLS) signifies a mortgage professional who understands the nuances of VA loans. Get deals done that nobody else can, help more veterans in the process, and stand out to referral partners.


Gain a market advantage and take a deep dive on structures of credit scoring as a Certified Credit Specialist (CCS). Put your creativity to the test and learn how to apply this knowledge with your next customer.


NAMB's mid-level credential for those who want to commit to higher standards of professional practice. The Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS®) certification exam measures the knowledge of mortgage professionals who have been in the industry for at least two years.


NAMB's newest certification, the CFMP, is designed to teach you the ins & outs of the FHA loan. Education offered as part of this session is similar to training offered to FHA DE underwriters. Sponsored by Freedom Mortgage.


Thousands of Americans turn 65 every day. The Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist (CREV) gives you the tools to navigate the product, process & conversation with borrowers. Sponsored by Liberty Reverse Mortgage.


NAMB's most advanced credential is for mortgage professionals who want to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. The Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMC®) certification exam measures the knowledge of mortgage professionals who have been in the industry for at least 5 years.


The Lending Integrity Seal of Approval (NAMB L.I.S.A.) helps home buyers find hardworking, ethical mortgage professionals. To earn the seal, professionals undergo a rigorous process - continuing education, criminal background check and pledge to a strict code of ethics and best business practices.


The GMA® is an entry-level certification exam designed for new residential mortgage professionals. The exam tests the candidate's knowledge of ethics, rules and regulations of the mortgage industry, the roles and organizations involved in the industry, and the types of products and services offered.


Why should I get certified?

Certification allows you to achieve a higher level of professionalism, demonstrate your commitment to superior service; distinguish yourself from the competition, and build confidence & knowledge.

How can I prepare for the examination(s)?

Handbooks for the GMA®, CRMS®, and CMC® examinations include test specifications, sample questions, study guides and a reference list.

Do certified brokers earn more?

According to a recent survey conducted for NAMB by Thomson Prometric, NAMB-certified mortgage pros make significantly more than their colleagues. The survey revealed that the average salary for those without certification is $103,507, while a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS)® earns $124,287.



NAMB established these certification exams to provide individuals with an opportunity to be recognized as leaders within the increasingly competitive field of mortgage brokering. The certification exams measure a core body of knowledge shared by competent professionals in the field.

Each exam requires different levels of work experience, the accumulation of qualifying points (with the exception of the GMA) and the passing of a computer-based, multiple choice test. A breakdown of the eligibility points can be determined by referring to the CRMS Qualifying Points Table and the CMC Qualifying Points Table.

Note: The GMA does not require any qualifying points.


You may ask why it is important that a designee continue to study or participate in industry sponsored events to maintain the right to use the CRMS and CMC designation? By using the designation you are advertising that you have achieved a certain level of experience and, more importantly, have attained a certain level of knowledge.

However, if no program were in place to keep up with the dynamic changes in the mortgage industry then the power of the designation is diminished.

Re-Certification Guidelines

Re-Certification Application