Certified Credit Specialist

The NAMB way to talk about credit scores and earn a certification!

Gain a market advantage and take a deep dive on structures of credit scoring. Put your creativity to the test and learn how to apply this knowledge with your next customer.

  • Perform professional in-depth, credit analysis
  • Educate you to educate your customers
  • Differentiate yourself by learning better pricing
  • Understand how reason codes impact score and price
  • Demonstrate mastery of credit review
  • Gain knowledge of how trended credit data affects files
  • Reduce touches on files and improve turn-times
  • Eliminate conditions

Immediately following the class, a test will be given and, upon passing, you will be presented with your certification and all the marketing materials that you need to promote yourself!

*NAMB certifications are designed for licensed or registered mortgage professionals. Certification is for individuals, not companies. Persons affiliated with for-profit credit repair organizations are ineligible for certification. Certification automatically suspends if mortgage professional with certification becomes affiliated with for-profit credit repair organization. No use of NAMB certification or associated logo permitted by credit repair organizations or their employees or contractors.