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NAMB is volunteer led, member driven, and the recognized & respected voice of mortgage professionals in Washington, D.C. NAMB is the only national organization specifically representing the interests of small business mortgage professionals and the consumers we serve.


NAMBPAC's primary function is to support those candidates whose voting record & vision reflect the interests of our industry. NAMBPAC promotes member companies & their employees participating in the campaign process to ensure that we have friends & allies in Congress.

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Legislators in DC take action every year on issues that affect the way you do business. It's every originator's job to understand the laws that determine how to handle consumer transactions. Educate yourself & your elected representatives on the need for regulations that promote fair housing & consumer choice.

Legislative Action Fund

Contributions to LAF provide much-needed financial support for our Government Affairs efforts. These contributions will not be used to contribute to political campaigns.

Your support ensures we remain effective in helping you & your business succeed.

2024 Policy Priorities

Consumer Protection Against Trigger Leads

NAMB believes that the act of applying for a mortgage should not be made public. NAMB believes contacting consumers during the complex mortgage process could be harmful and confusing and opens the possibility of fraud and unfair and deceptive practices.

Expand Small Creditor Definition Under QM Rule

By treating the small business mortgage broker as a large business, the consumer and, in particular, the low- to moderate-income borrower has fewer options for financing. This definitional error causes unintended consequences for consumers by removing competition.

Protect Homeowners From Catastrophic Flood Losses

NAMB supports a full reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, including provisions that allow for the most affordable rates and effective coverage.

Enhance Benefits for Gold Star Spouses

NAMB supports legislation that would restore non-monetary survivor benefits to the remarried spouses of fallen U.S. service members. This legislation applies to surviving spouses who are eligible for the Gold Star Lapel Button without regard for whether they have remarried.

Protect the Rights of Veterans Utilizing VA Loans

NAMB has discovered that increasingly sellers are being encouraged not to sell to veterans who are utilizing VA mortgage loans because of the enhanced standards these loans contain. NAMB supports a federal investigation into these discriminatory practices.