NAMB Is Proud to Partner With IMBF World Summit

IMBF World Summit

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Friday, September 8, 8am-5pm

Cost USD $2990 (includes 4 nights accommodation & breakfasts, Friday night IMBF dinner, bespoke attendee gifts & entry into NAMB National 2023)

Note: All other meals, expenses, accommodation upgrades or changes, travel costs and/or flights are at attendee cost.


7pm: Evening Welcome
Drinks ’til 8.30pm in Pre-Function 1, Emperors Level.

8.45am: Attendee Welcome
NAMB President Ernest Jones, Jr.

9am: The USA Mortgage Industry & the State of the Nation
Nora Guerra, Freddie Mac, USA

9.45am: Morning Tea Break & Networking

10.30am: On International Mortgage 
David Stevens, Mountain Lake Consulting, Inc.

11am: Australian Aggregation & the Mortgage Broker Marketplace
Simon Bednar, Finsure Aggregation, AUS

12pm: Lunch & Networking

1pm: Board of Governors Panel

2pm: White Paper Discussion

3.30pm: Afternoon Tea Break & Networking

4pm: Summary
Linda McCoy, NAMB Past President & IMBF Governor      

5pm: Closing Remarks
IMBF Chair Peter J White AM

6pm: NAMB Omnia Terrace Party
Join top U.S. mortgage pros & industry leaders!

8am-5pm: NAMB's 50th Anniversary Conference

8am-5pm: NAMB's 50th Anniversary Conference

Welcome to the Inaugural IMBF World Summit 2023. Let’s do some great work while networking with colleagues from around the world in finance & mortgage brokering - gathered all in one place !

Join Peter White, Chairman of the IMBF Global Board of Governors, for this first global summit!

We'll discuss matters that are greatly impacting attendees across the world & we'll work together as a global team to find resolutions. These key issues will be incorporated in a White Paper, outlining proposed resolutions & outcomes, that attendees can take to their own country’s government & regulators.

This summit is the first of its kind. IMBF strongly believes it will have a positive impact, demonstrating that attendees are part of a powerful & informed global community developing intelligent outcomes.

IMBF brings attendees to this global conversation & includes FREE registration to NAMB’s 50th anniversary conference, here in the USA!