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Is the FHFA crushing the hopes of millions of borrowers? Watch Frank Garay, Kimber White and Rocke Andrews discuss Mark Calabria’s latest move that could devastate consumers looking for cash-out refis, hurt first time homebuyers, favor big banks and put the squeeze on non-bank loan originators. If there was ever a time to take action, this is it. Contact your member of Congress.



The FHFA just announced a move to help struggling mortgage firms, but at what price? Will the hefty fees attached to the sale of loans be cost-prohibitive for many non-banks and limit affordable options for buyers? David Stevens and Brian Stevens discuss forbearance and first-payment forbearance loans and what it all means for the industry. Watch the video and then contact your congressman! Now more than ever, it’s time to speak out.


What’s on the horizon for the mortgage industry? According to Brian Stevens and Dave Stevens it’s uncharted territory. Listen as they discuss deferment and service liquidity, Ginnie and GSE response, congressional response, and Mark Calabria’s position.

Servicer liquidity letter sent to Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System and Department of the Treasury



NAMB Central is proud to be your go-to resource for industry news and updates. In our first installment, Rocke Andrews and Dani Hernandez discuss this exciting initiative, as well as the broker resources that will be available at NAMB Central. 



In this video the CFPB explains that servicers and lenders cannot report consumers entering a deferral program to the credit repositories.

However, we are concerned how a loan in deferral could impact a consumer in the future when they apply for a refinance or purchase. A lender could ask whether the borrower has ever entered a deferral program, which is why we believe the first suggestion to your borrowers should be to keep up their present payments if they are able to before they consider deferring their loan.


NAMB President Rocke Andrews shares information regarding a recent brief provided by GNMA. To access brief, please click here.