Camber Marketing

Camber Marketing Group has been helping mortgage and other financial service companies maximize profits with our integrated marketing solutions.  We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of your campaign in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing market. 
Targeted lead generation, using direct mail as a platform, is the most powerful and responsive method of consumer solicitation for mortgage and other financial products.  While we use direct mail as a vehicle to deliver leads, it is only one part of a larger process designed to maximize your profitability.  Our team of marketing experts has the ability to advise you and your employees on every aspect involved in a campaign.
We have been driving leads to our clients through both expansions and recessions. With over 100 years of combined experience, our expertise offers firsthand knowledge about what works regardless of the economic environment.
Marketing is about numbers...its statistics and analytics. This is where we excel. By combining historical performance with continuous testing and analysis, Camber is able to design and execute campaigns that far surpass industry norms.
As a client, we implement lead generation strategies for you that have been tested and refined for optimal performance. You won’t have to wonder if a particular letter or data strategy will be effective. Instead, we will launch a proven, predictable strategy that has already demonstrated its ability to outperform industry response and conversion rates.
We are a collective of experienced marketing, analytical, creative and print experts, but that means little without results.  Camber’s goal is aligned with your own – to generate profitable response and maximize your return on investment.  Use our passion to your advantage! Let us show you why we are the proven premier lead generation, data solutions and direct mail marketing company for the mortgage and financial services industry.
All NAMB members will receive a 5% discount on every order they place with Camber Marketing Group.